Culture is very dynamic and it is popular subject in Ghana and any country which wants to be politically, socially and economically developed. Some have come to understand culture as fetishism and others understand it as archaic and anachronistic acts, which is very unfortunate. Some anthropologist have however given a deeper explanation of culture as those forms of behaviour, practices, and thoughts that are nurtured, held, cherished and maintained as desirable and having importance and relevance for our lives.

Exactly a year ago, the students of Valco hall, and for that matter the traditional council, entrusted into my hands the mandate of a paramount chief. As a matter of fact, God has been faithful to the 2014/2015 administration of the traditional council. Leadership is not a pleasure, but a great and herculean task. Though we perceived leadership expedition to be a laborious one, we were of the conviction that we could make a difference and an enduring impact during our tenure of office, which could forever remain in the chronicles of Valco hall traditional council.

The Valco hall traditional council is 23 years since its inception in the hall and has contributed immensely to co-existence, tolerance and development in the hall. The traditional council comprises a paramount chief, a queen mother, traditional council rep., Kurontihene, Abusua Panin, registrar and many other sub-chiefs that come together to steer the affairs of the council. VThere is also a cultural troupe under the auspices of the council. The council symbolises our respect for our rich cultural heritage. The council unifies all the tribes in the hall and provides opportunity for people from diverse ethnic groups to express solidarity with each other.  This helps to regulate religious intolerance, tribalism and ethnocentrism. Hence, it promotes a willingness to preserve and uplift the culture and values of a tribe. The council in conjunction with the disciplinary committee ensures optimum discipline in the hall and again, is responsible for conflict resolution, rekindles and sustains our cultural heritage in the domain of local greetings, dressing and cultural exhibition. Again, the council represents the hall on occasions such as durbar, and funerals. There is no gainsaying that the council is the epitome of Ghanaian culture and can best help inculcate moral decency and also, create a platform for students to acquire domestic wisdom in addition to book knowledge.

Though there have been challenges, we have always craved to lay down procedures to create an enabling and conducive environment for our students in all aspects of their lives as far as our cultural heritage is concerned. In our term of office, we were able to purchase a smock, and a linguist staff. We were also able to organize the following programmers’; fresher`s akwaaba to educate and orient them along the tenets of the council, and “Efie ne Efie” which aimed at showcasing Ghanaian Cultural heritage to the hallers. We also got the opportunity to grace the Durbars of our sister hall traditional councils.

Certainly, the 23rd Valco Hall Sankofa Durbar was one of the best durbars organized in the hall. The theme for the hall week celebration “Entrepreneurial Actions, Innovations and Appropriateness: the Economic Growth Factors” was not a mere coincidence, but very timely and visionary in perspective, because tertiary students need to have entrepreneurial skills, be innovative which are appropriate to promote economic growth. In the light of this, our cherished cultural heritage needs to be maintained and strengthened.

It must be emphasized that most youth of today prefer foreign cultures, but we must be proud of our culture, since that is what God has given us which make us different from other people. I want to admonish my colleague students not to regard our cultural practices as fetish and I want to challenge students to participate fully in our pursuit to strengthen our culture.

I would like to say that there would be no effective leader without competent followers; I mean to say that, the endless support, cooperation and commitment from members have earned my administration very wonderful and reputable credits. I am grateful to our Patrons, Hall management and more importantly my executives for their resourceful advice, motivation, encouragement and team work. It is not yet over, we should not relent in our effort, but should all work than ever for the progress of the council for sustainable development.

In conclusion, some people started it, we are also trying to do our best to sustain it, but we can do far better than any generation. Now, it is in our hands to overcome their history to break the shackles of the past, to re-develop ourselves, our people, our hall, the university and the nation. Anything less would be unworthy of the “donkeyworks’” of our forefathers, the needs of our children and capabilities of our own best selves.

Together we can build our culture.

Long live Traditional Council.

Long live Valco Hall.