Security Tips On Campus

Always remember that Crime can happen anywhere anytime. Protect yourself, others and property by staying alert, be security conscious and informed.

  1. Remember to lock your door whenever you are leaving your room. Whether you are visiting the washroom, shower or visit a friend next door.
  2. Change promptly the lock in your door when your key is missing; report any incident immediately to the Potter’s Lodge, Head Porter/Hall Administrator.
  3. Lock your door when asleep. All doors leading to the balcony should be locked at all times.
  4. Don’t display large sums of Cash or expensive Jewelry .
  5. Handle your laptops, iPads, iPhones, and mobile phones carefully; because they are items that are easily stolen on campus.
  6. Record the registration number of every commercial vehicle you board during your rounds.
  7. Never board a taxi with all male occupants already in. Beware also of taxis with a female passenger and two or more male occupants. The female passenger may be used as a decoy to rob you.
  8. As much as possible, patronize the Campus shuttle busses.
  9. Always walk in pairs, or in groups and at well-lit areas.
  10. Avoid using isolated footpath and short-cuts.
  11. Avoid the services of Errand Boys; they may monitor your movements and rob you later or give information to their accomplices.
  12. Do not entertain hawkers in the Halls; they may be criminals.
  13. Beware of the type of friends you entertain; they may be predators and Criminals.
  14. Beware of travel agents on Campus; some are fraudsters.
  15. Secure bicycles through the wheel and frame with a high-quality cable and lock or other approved device.
  16. Report any Criminal or Suspicious activities on campus promptly to the University Security Department for immediate assistance. (0208180155, 0246715758, 0332135806)


By: Campus Security