LEVEL; 300

Here lies the man who did no good, and if he had lived never would he, where he had gone and how he fairs nobody knows and nobody cares. Pathetic epitaph describing a man in grave. Humanity hails or condemns people base on the legacy they leave behind. It is neither accidental nor coincidental that we humans came to occupy this well designed planet earth. The same way we came to this earth shall we return to our maker in like manner. We came in single and in single we shall return. The Qur’an says “from it (the earth) We created you, and into it We will return you, and from it We will extract you another time” (Qur’an 20:55). Therefore it behoves us to identify the Purpose of our creation, and live to succeed in the hereafter.

In the normal scheme of things, nature is designed such that everything is vulnerable to extinction. Retirement and succession had been inevitably placed in humanity to humble Allah’s creation. We move from one stage to another pragmatically. The time to relinquish position marks the time to assume position in every institution of which the Valco Hall Muslim Council is not an exception. We came to succeed our predecessors at a time when issues got to the crescendo. At this point, duty called on us to make an input on our own small way. With an executive membership of eight the 2014/2015 Muslim Council assumed office on 12th April 2014 with the view that we are not in any way or form up to the task ahead of us. But with God on our side we were able to carry the load. We also know that if you can dream it then you can do it. These were the very powers and maxims that informed our decision to offer our best.

Valco hall mislim council is a dedicated council in the hall that sees to the satisfaction and well fair of industrialist especially muslims. It sees to it that the religious requirement of the muslim is executed. Council executives are charge with the responsibility to assist in the hall management with regards to Islamic issues. Hall authorities also take it upon themselves to provide the necessary support to the council for effective discharge of duty.

In light of this, our administration started the work of the council by assisting the hall in the orientation of level hundred students in the first semester. Council executives had to report to school earlier than the resuming date to be part of the orientation team. A great number of students were allocated to the valco hall as their hall of affiliation. We recorded a muslim population of ninety; sixty two males and twenty eight females. However, some of the muslim students were not captured on our records due to their late report on campus.

Within the next couple of weeks a prayer session was organised to usher everybody into the new academic year. Under the leadership of the valco hall chief imam, Qur’an was recited and special prayers said for the hall management and students in general.

We also took it upon ourselves to make a door to door visitation of members on our records. This personal contact with the fresh students made them felt at home, and they shared with us issues worrying them. This way the council was able to extend both religious and academic support and guidance to these newly admitted students.

The Qur’an says in chapter 87:9 that “So remind, if the reminder should benefit”. Again, it says “And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers”. Qur’an (51:55). In reference to these, the council organised a good number of events to remind muslims of their religious obligations. Weekends knowledge sharing was organised in the valco hall mosque on consistent basis. A well organised Islamic lecture was also extended to students to expose them to the Islamic doctrine. This attracted the invitation of an external lecturer. Similar lectures were also organised in the second semester of the 2014/2015 academic year. It took shape during the valco hall week celebration. Support was also sustained from hall authorities to plan the programme. A documentary show on the scientific miracles of the Qur’an was also successful at the valco hall Aluta square. At this time further clarifications were made with modern science to substantiate the divinity of the Qur’an. I must say that all the mentioned events were successful with the cooperation and support from hall authorities and students as well.

In totality we the executive membership of the muslim council wish to extend our profound gratitude to everybody, in and outside the hall, who had contributed to the success of the councils activities. None of these successes would have been eventful without the time, effort, teamwork, and unselfish good honest labour put by members on a very consistent basis.