Academic Facilities

With the availability of a fully air-conditioned Hall Library, 2 Reading rooms and Summer huts, hall residents are able to access these immediate facilities right from the hall without having to walk longer distances to the main University's library.

Sports Facility

Valco Hall is blessed with a multipurpose basketball court which also allows for staging of events and other games such as tennis, volley ball etc.
The main basketball court is located outside the hall with another minimal one built inside the hall which also serves the same purpose.


The Infirmary, a first aid facility for the hallers was allocated as a result of the establishment of the new Valco health committee this academic year in accordance with the University Health Services’ new policy and vision of providing basic first aid services at the various traditional halls to promote the health of the student populace. In view of this a 15 member committee was established to chair this aim of providing basic first aid services, health promotion and disease prevention exercises for the hallers.


Over the years, there have been instances of water & power shortages in the hall as it occurs nationwide. The quest to serve the hall to the maximum best has so far been attained as new water storage facilities and a power plant to be installed the next academic year would create a suitable niche for all Industrialists & hall residents at large.