If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, now may Israel say; if had not been the Lord who was on our side when men rose up against us.(Psalm 124:1-2).

Valco hall Christian Fellowship is grateful to be part of the few chosen for the labour in His vineyard. The supreme God picked us from different tribes and denominations brought us together as one people to reveal His unadulterated word to the whole family of Valco, extending to the ends of the earth.

The 2014/2015 academic year saw its batch of leaders vetted through God’s direction and divine calling. The following were privilege to steer the affairs of the Christian council.

Sis. Sarah Serwaa Bonsu President
Bro. Eric Ayirikame Vice President
Sis. Celestine Egyir Secretary
Sis. Lydia Horbah Treasurer
Bro. Philip Benyin Prayer Director
Sis. Sefakor Rejoice Evangelism Dir. 1
Bro. Alex Afari Evangelism Dir. 2
Bro. Emmanuel A. Boateng Music Director
Bro. Richard Asante Organizer
Bro. Joseph Antwi K. Counselor
Bro. Tandoh Derrick E. Prayer Committee
Bro. Solomon Adumoah Counseling Committee
Bro. Eric Asiedu Counseling Committee


We were not to love our lives but to live for the dying and lost souls, who were yearning for physical things, encourage door to door evangelism, win souls and the heart of many for Christ, encourage the spiritual growth of the members, encourage discipleship and develop a vibrant faith with unfreigned love for Jesus.


The major activities and programs organized during our tenure of office includes:

Fresher’s Spiritual Orientation

Love 101

My Story

Fresher’s Akwaaba Night

Carols Service

Valco Prayer fest

Health Programs

Holy Ghost Party

Aseda Praise Night.

Throughout the spiritual programs held for the hall, the Christian Council won 35 souls whose hearts always pant after the Lord (Psalm 42:1). Divinity met humanity and many people who were having issues with masturbation, marine spirits, wrong soul ties, academic difficulties, financial constraints, health problems among others were supported and aided to come out from those situation.

The fellowship is doing well with about 150 committed members. The last Friday of every month is declared as a prayer and fasting day for hall intercession. The fellowship encouraged visitations and witnessing on every Thursday.

The entire management of the Hall as well as our patrons and patroness and GHAFES-UCC has been of immense support to the fellowship. The fellowship has been able to unite the various denominations in the hall and also been able to purchase a set of musical instruments which aides in most of our activities in the hall.

In spite of the progress we have made as a fellowship, we have encountered many other challenges which included accommodation for our executives, financial constraints and poor time management. I therefore recommend that the whole family of Valco hall should come together to support the fellowship financially so that the propagation of the gospel will turn out smoothly and effectively not forgetting on unfeigned consideration towards rooms allocation in the hall.


What then shall we give in exchange of the goodness and mercies of God? We will lift up the cup of His salvation and call upon His name all day for His unfeigned love towards Valco Hall (Psalm116:13). You are indeed the only supreme God without a colleague; in you all other gods seek permission to function. Jehovah, Valco Christian Fellowship is grateful.

We are also grateful to the Hall management, patrons and patroness for their interest and support for the fellowship. We also appreciate the sacrifices made by our past and present executives to see to the sustenance of the fellowship.

Together we pray, forever oh lord thy word is settled in heaven (Psalm 119:89).

`                       AMEN.