The VALCO hall army cadet corps since its inception in the 1990’s has been very instrumental in the life of students. Training sessions are designed and structured to equip personnel in the following domains in the conduct and discharge of their duties;
•    Physical fitness
•    Tactical discipline.
•    Hard work.
•    Basic drills.
•    Integrity.
Through these medium, personnel are predisposed to military and para-military services in the country, which is an added advantage in enlisting and gaining recruitment into any of the armed forces and other para-military agencies (ready job avenues upon completion of school).
The unit has the slogans:
•    One unit…… one mission
•    One mission…… one unit
•    Man for man… nothing better
•    Unique…….. we stand out
I was handed over command of VALCOBAT on the 12th April, 2014 having risen through the ranks. Enlistment into VALCOBAT in 2014/2015 academic year stood at 24 recruits. Through the collaboration of the able men under my command, VALCOBAT has made some strides worthy of highlighting:
•    Securing extra rooms for accommodation.
•    Issuance of I.D cards.
•    Joint trip to Jungle Warfare School, Achiase (15thNovember, 2014).
•    Participation in the first ever UCC Armed Forces Games.
•    Setting up Bonfire platform during the 23rd annual VALCO Hall week celebration (11th-15thMarch, 2015).
•    Mounted the 23rd annual hall week Guard of Honour.
•    Joint trip (Oguaa/VALCO) to our mother unit, Second Battalion of Infantry (2BN) based in Takoradi (26thMarch, 2015).

The unit is facing some setbacks in the smooth operations. Enumerated below are some few points of note:
•    Provision and supply of accoutrements.
•    Delay in the release of funds for provision of motivation during training sessions.
•    Irregular visits to mother unit (2BN, Takoradi).
•    Involvement of the unit at the 11th hour of activities.
•    Timely release of funds to purchase accoutrement as budgeted.
•    Prompt release of funds to motivate men at training sessions.
•    Budgeting and funding of formal visits to mother unit (2BN, Takoradi) aimed at strengthening ties.
•    Notices should be served to the unit command at least a week to facilitate smooth deployment of men to programs and functions.
The command wishes to state that on grounds of accommodation, the Senior Hall Tutor of VALCO Hall has increased the number of rooms allocated to the Cadet Corps to ten rooms effective 2015/2016 academic year. This will curtail the exodus of men from the unit to the diaspora, making it difficult to report for training on time and also provide recruits the avenues of role-modeling.
The unit also wishes to render an unqualified apology to those toes on which we might have stepped upon in line of duty.
VHAC14001, Cadet Major Nyewolema Cletus (Commanding Officer) reporting.