3rd August, 2017.
Fellow students, we write to uprise you of the long-awaited fees and other matters of students’ interest.

We must share in your frustration, however, as you are rightly aware that this was a national issue that was caused as a result of change of government. The SRC has been updating you on any development as far as the SRC, the role of the SRC and school fees and other matters are concerned.
From the residents committee to other decision- making bodies, the SRC has always been on this side of the students with strong advocacy voice.

We update you today as follows;
We have attended every meeting with a strong voice to reject introduction of any new components and we are glad to inform you that no new component was introduced.

A number of component which had seen increments was well negotiated with strong voice to maintenance and reduction.
Residents fee which had seen increments from 800gh last year to 1000gh has come down to 892gh which we know as the lowest as far as the universities are concerned.

The components that saw maintenance as the figure included physical development levy, ODS levy, ICT levy, hall dues, hall affiliation fee, administration fee, ID card etc.
However, some components which the SRC or the president does not have direct control over or is not directly involved which include departmental fee, academic user fee, examination fee saw increment.
The physical development of 130gh last year decreased to 125gh. As a result, the average increment was around 9.85% to 10% (for instance BA ARTS 1431 and social science 1513) which is even unprecedented whilst BSC nursing increased with only 62ghs.

The full details of the 2017/2018 academic year fees as proposed by the university council and submitted to parliament will be published by the university very soon.

However, these fees are proposed awaiting parliament approval.

Students are further informed that the proposed date for both continuing and fresh students stands 19th August 2017.
Thank you

Tony Henry Arthur


Valerie Adjei- Mensah

Issued by,

Aziz Mahmud Watara 

Public Relations Officer 


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