1. Its under the auspices and approval of the Executive Council of the SRC .

2. It’s going to be run with support from the Dean of Students Office.

3. Every students has the right to apply.

4. One must truly be in need to be given a grant and it’s NOT A LOAN

5. One cannot access it more than twice in a semester 

6. A Successful applicant shall receive funds 48 hours after confirmation from the board.

7. Money given is not for for school fees or capital , it’s not for luxury, it’s only to support livelihood on campus.

8. The threshold is 200 cedis for now.

9. Forms will be out right after the launch and will always be available at the Deans office or the SRCs Office. 

10. Make sure you attend the launch, it increases your chances.

We have challenges but together we shall build our front…..

My name is Michael Ampadu , you can call me Emotion , SRC WELFARE CHAIRMAN and a student servant.