The mantle to lead and to serve  VALCO Hall has been handed over to us now. This very day, the 2016/17 JCRC Executives of VALCO HALL express their gratitude to the Almighty God for his love and faithfulness.
Colleagues, we are so very much grateful for your support unflinching, and we say a very big thank you to u all.  We have you all and mother VALCO at heart.  We also thank you all for making the handover ceremony a memorable one. Your presence alone made the program a success. For those that weren’t able to make it we still thank you, for we know that if u had had the opportunity, you would have been there to support us.
As the saying goes “Two heads are better than one”. Though the number of executives exceeds two but “two” in the quote also exceeds two. Therefore any suggestions, opinions or ideas that you believe can help us in our administration, are all welcome.
Once again lets put whatever happened before, during and after the elections aside and lets be one. Now there is  no team HOPE, THE NEW GUY, ACHIEVERS, MAJOR, SETHOO, SPIO, level 400, 300, 200, 100 etc. The only team and vision that exists now is team VALCO.       Fellow INDUSTRIALISTS, let’s join our forces together to making mother VALCO the leading hall of residence.
We wish to assure you that we, as an executive body, are more united in all manners of ways and the unity will continue to exist. We humbly appeal to you all to maintain and strengthen the bond of unity and brotherliness that has always existed. A more united VALCO is what we seek!
We ask that you give us more of the support you have always given us. We covet your earnest and fervent prayers.
We assure you that we are bringing you the best! With God on our side VALCO B3Y3 FINE – VBF. LONG LIVE VALCO HALL!