If my story should ever be told, let them say I lived in the most beautiful places of all times, where peace was loved more than the human soul, let them also add, it was a land of equal opportunities under God. In my few years as human, I lived to know no matter the role you play in one’s life, you are certainly replaceable and that all men by importance are disposable.
Let them say I lived in the time when great men fell down on their knees and lived ever after as if they never lived. I also lived in the time when conquering nations sold their superiority to the slaves they lashed. I lived in the time when black skin color was the regime of mental consciousness and an emblem of unity of purpose. In my time; a black was powerful of us all. Amidst all these appellations, we still regard ourselves as inferior. But I see a time beyond my lifetime, when we shall all dwell together and none will be afraid of the other.
If my life’s achievement is anything worth mentioning, let them know I did fail initially in attaining most of them and i never saw any mountain too high to climb. Many are the things I will eternally regret; many where the promises I never fulfilled and the dreams of others I killed. Amidst my regrets and shame, let them also add I had honor and integrity of which precedes my name. In short my personality was legendary.
Many were the times I fell in love and most were the instances I never confessed them. Pleasure and fantasies clouded my sense of love and in most cases my words were not real. About a score date out, I realized it’s not fun if you aren’t ready.
If posterity should judge me for not doing the things I should have, let them know, time was not on my side since the life I lived was just like the passing wind.
In my life time, I did fall several times and rose as high as my strength will let me; if my story should ever be told, let them say I lived for who I am.

Ebenezer Diawuo Obeng
BSc Environmental science