NAME: Daniel Kpakpo Mingle

PROGRAMME OF STUDY: Bachelor of Commerce

LEVEL: 400

E.B: How did this all start?

DJ: It all started since I started having the love for music and the desire to make people happy through music. I just like to be at a place where I would be on the spotlight where everybody will be watching me to get them excited, and exhibiting creativity and giving the people what they want.

E.B: When did you start taking this professionally?

DJ: I learnt ‘ DJing’ in the year 2012 when I was in level 200 through a friend.

E.B: Which events do you think put you on the spot?

DJ: I wouldn’t say a particular event, because during the long vacation 2013/2014 academic year, Y FM had a competition in which they wanted a DJ for one of their programmes, Campus Express. I won the competition and through that I started playing on air. The major programme that made me known to people was Planet X, which was organized by Echo Haus in Accra at the Polo grounds.

E.B: Would you say your activities on ucc campus took you to that level?

DJ: I would say it is from personal greatness and a bit of an advantage to play at certain programs, such as Planet X, which was organized by Echo Haus of which I am part; so I was given the platform to exhibit my talent .

E.B: How do you get the music right?

DJ: It takes a lot of time. You should be abreast with time and the kind of music the people want to hear. As a DJ, you should have almost every song in the world because you will never know what someone likes.

E.B: Assuming you are employed in a bank, would you leave working as a DJ?

DJ: I used to have interest in working in the office, but ever since I developed the love for’ DJing’, I lost that interest.

E.B: How did you feel when your name was mentioned as the winner?

DJ: The whole set up was like a club, so we were all standing. I was tensed up, so I told my friends that if my name had not been mentioned, I would have collapsed. When my name was mentioned as the winner of the award, I walked up there with my friends to take the award. The feeling was great!

E.B: In UCC, who do you look up to as a DJ?

DJ: They are Dj Blackout and Dj Richie. DJ Richie is the one who actually taught me everything I needed to know within a minute and I had to practice to get everything right. Sometimes, Richie listens to me and becomes astonished. Even when I won the award, I told him I owed everything to him.


E.B: How does it feel getting shout outs every day?

DJ: It feels very great, because you get all sorts of people mentioning your name in their tweets, and even when you are not around people ask about your whereabouts.

E.B: How has life on campus been, after you received the awards?

DJ: You get strange people meeting you and they would want to shake hands with you and just say “Hi”.

E.B: How do you combine studies with your work as a DJ?

E.B: I would say God is the one pushing me through. It is very difficult and sometimes, I have to miss lectures, because I am preparing for an event and I have to learn for my quizzes as well.

E.B: How are you handling the fame?

DJ: I don’t want it to eat too much into me, so that I act in certain undesirable ways, because when you are in the lime light, the little you do may either take you up or bring you down. I want to stick to the way I am and handle things carefully, so that I don’t mess up.

E.B: How has life been after the awards?

DJ: I have people treating me differently. Sometimes, I meet people who have never been friends with me but now they meet me and interact with me as if they have been my friends for long.

E.B: Have you ever flopped a programme?

DJ: No, I have never flopped a programme.

E.B: What informs your choice of music?

D.J: Nothing really informs my choice of music. I just have to see the class of people around to choose what to play.

E.B: What has been your most exciting moment and your saddest moment as a DJ?

DJ: My exciting moments are my experience at Planet X and the moment I won the award. I can’t really tell of any sad moment, because I always have fun.

E.B: Did you think you were the obvious winner?

DJ: I didn’t think so. I had two other competitors from Y Fm who were equally good, but I was really watching out for myself.

E.B: Did you vote for yourself?

DJ: No, I didn’t vote for myself, because I didn’t really see the need for that. I voted for two people from other categories, but not for myself.

E.B: Describe the moment you were called to come up for the award in one word.

DJ: Relief!

E.B: Where do you want to get to with being a dj?

DJ: I want to get to heights that are indescribable and break through different cultures of music all over the world.

E.B: Do you have a role model?

DJ: I don’t have a role model. I would rather call them my big brothers whom I take inspiration from. They are Dj Virusky, Dj Black, Mike Smith, Killer fingers and Neptune.

E.B: What do you think about the state of ‘djing’ in Ghana now?

DJ: I think DJs are not recognized in Ghana. It’s about time Ghanaians gave DJs some recognition in the country. The recent DJ Awards is a good way of motivating DJs.