Dr. Paa Kwasi Nduom, the flag bearer of the progressive People’s Party (PPP), paid the Industrial City a visit and the outcome was beyond words. He encouraged students to be entrepreneurially minded and enumerated three cardinals of entrepreneurship. The lecture has been referred to as one of the most successful lectures ever held at the industrial city. All were in attendance to renew their entrepreneurial spirit. Ignoring the very technical details that dominate long hours of empowerment summits, he touched on three key issues that do not only make business grow but also develop a strong character and personality.

He emphasised his faith as a Christian, which could mean the same for you if you are a Muslim, Buddhist, etc. according to him, Faith is what teaches you what is right or otherwise. This is because it pushes one to be kind to his or her employees. Even if the entrepreneur earns ten Ghana cedis, he would feel the necessity to share it with his employees; this will motivate or propel the employees to work harder and the workers can still afford to work with you in hard times. He used this method to gain about 1,200 workers for his highly reputable GN Bank. He made mention of the second cardinal as family ties. The entrepreneur must make sure his or her bond with his/her immediate family and relatives is good. In other words, the entrepreneur must have undoubted support from his family. Dr. Ndoum made mention of his supportive wife with whom he has four children. A peaceful home gives you the moral right to step outside, because it will train you well enough to meet the outside world.

The entrepreneur who wants to be successful must be disciplined. Discipline and hard work can turn a meager amount of money, say ten Ghana Cedis, to several millions of Cedi. Discipline can help the employer to stomach some challenges such as an unannounced resignation by an employee to a better firm. Discipline enhances excellence in entrepreneurship.

The PPP flag bearer talked about the Ocean one TV as one of his achievements. It was introduced in Elmina to serve the needs of the local people and also throw some cedis into their pockets through the stations local content policy which highlights the very life and businesses of the people of Elmina. With development as his priority, he has established about 110 branches of his GN Bank across the nation and the focus of this initiative is to empower local people with adequate resources to be their own bosses and to create jobs. He cited clear examples, which perfected his lecture, inspiring the next generation of leaders in their hundreds.

He further mentioned two things that are attributed to the hard times the decent Ghanaian is facing. He highlighted tribalism and corruption as the main hindrance to our development as a people and nation. ‘’Tribalism shows its face as soon as an individual ascends power; the person tries everything in his power to make sure his or her tribesmen are favoured, thereby marginalizing other tribes’’, Dr Nduom lamented.fg

Corruption has equally become a pain in the skin of most Ghanaians. He estimated that Ghana loses about one billion Ghana Cedis to corruption every year and this is an enormous economic loss to the state. According to him, this money can be used to cater for the free compulsory basic education politicians have been campaigning about but corruption has denied us of this.

The P.P.P flag bearer talked about the need for independent prosecutors to pass impartial verdict to reduce corruption in the country as well as political need to separate the Attorney General’s Department from the Ministry of Justice to ensure fairness and efficiency in the justice system.

He said that seeking loans is not the only option for a fresh entrepreneur; ‘I personally started as an employee in a firm and saved till I was able to get the required capital’, he added. When given the mandate as the President of the Republic of Ghana, Paa Kwasi plans to improve the salary scheme of teachers to ensue regular flow of salary for teachers. He also sees the need for Ghanaian partners to buy shares in foreign companies, so that foreigners do not take the money away, thereby giving Ghanaians a stake and a say in their own development.

Dr Paa Kwasi Ndoum also remarked that, Ghana can progress by encouraging entrepreneurs with the spirit of discipline, handwork, faith and undaunted family values and support. He sees corruption and tribalism as the major setbacks in the Ghanaian economy. If only Ghana can manage all these attributes, development will not be beyond Ghana’s grasp.

Climaxing his lecture, he emphasized the need for individuals to be committed and determine whatever they are doing, since it is one of the drivers of entrepreneurial success. Ending his lecture, Dr Papa Kwasi Nduom donated a seed money to support in the purchase of a plant which will serve as an emergency power source during the load shedding.